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About Us

The Glean company was founded in 2004 and is a production and commercial company of Greek interests, with the sole purpose of offering specialized detergents of a new generation of high standards.

Addresses the markets a) HO.RE.CA, b) household cleaners, c) boat cleaning & care

Our main purpose and vision is that our products provide a systematic, continuous and real coverage of our customers' needs as well as the consolidation of our company in the consciousness of the market, as a competitive and leading cleaning company.
Following strict quality control rules and procedures (ISO 9001:2015), at all stages of production, starting with the design of our products through our company's experienced chemical consultants, the supply of raw materials from leading foreign companies (America, France , Israel etc ) and the adoption of advanced technical production systems, respecting European and international regulations, we consistently follow a strategy of healthy and stable growth as well as continuous improvement of our products based on the evolution of raw material technology. At the same time, research and development of new innovative products is carried out, thus covering an even wider range of the modern needs of the professional as well as the consumer public.

Our company uses raw materials that comply with European regulations and all our products are approved by the State General Chemistry and fully compliant with the EU REACH 1907/2006 regulation. This has now reduced us to a leading and constantly growing company in the sector, having secured after strict sample checks, collaborations with large wholesale chains - Cash & Carry - Supermarket - Department Stores as well as exports to foreign countries. Our main advantage is that our products provide the most ideal and effective solutions, thus confirming that

Everything that cleans is ours.